This Mother's Day, give the gift of self-care

Jennifer Jennings and her mother Patience Ellis say Shanti is the perfect place to spend quality time together in blissful retreat. 

As a mother, you juggle a lot in life.

The responsibilities of raising your kids, maybe a job and the demands of extended family. In other words, constantly juggling the needs of others while trying to find time for yourself.

Giving ourselves the gift of self-care can often feel like a challenge. Even when we know in our core that what we most need is to rest, recharge, and slow down, we often feel guilty for taking the time to take care of our own needs. 

One of the greatest pleasures about offering retreats like Savour the End of Summer is witnessing the benefits of self-care. Joshua and I are committed to providing space for you to slow down, find time to nourish your deepest self and re-connect with a deep sense of joy and creativity. 

My own mother worked hard, raising four rambunctious boys. One of the greatest gifts my brothers and I could offer was telling her it was okay to do something kind for herself, even when that meant getting away from us for some time to recharge the batteries. 

Patience Ellis admires the view at the Shanti Retreat Centre

Patience Ellis admires the view at the Shanti Retreat Centre

We often have mothers and daughters retreat together.

Retreats like Savour the End of Summer provide the ideal place for mothers and daughters (or mothers and sons ;) to spend time together away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. Designed with core writing and yoga workshops, but with many options (including the option to simply relax by the lake), it's a retreat that lets you set your own pace, while we look after the details for you.

Jennifer Jennings, a professional in Toronto, has enjoyed numerous retreats with her mother, Patience Ellis. Their first Shanti retreat was a restorative weekend retreat with Joshua in November of 2015. Jennifer enjoys travelling with her mum and sharing special time together away from the demands of regular life. 

“Travelling together is easy and to say that we enjoy each other's company is an understatement. We've been to the French Alps several times, and Scotland and England. This spring we're going to Italy. We're well-suited and enjoy eating delicious, fresh food and chilling with a good glass of wine. We seem to never run out of things to talk about but are also highly contented just being together in silence.”

For Patience, the time with her daughter is a gift. She loves the flexibility of the retreats, which allow her to practise at her own pace. 

“I love any time I get with Jennifer - she is fun and obviously we can share more things than with other friends. We both find you and Josh just easy and comfortable to be around. Josh is very forgiving with me for not doing some of the yoga!!”

Jennifer and Patience have been on a number of retreats with Joshua and joined us in PEI last summer for our intimate Seacoast Yoga and Culinary Retreat. She advises folks interested in Savour the End of Summer to book early.

“If you're contemplating going on a retreat with Joshua and/or Trevor, give yourself a gift and book it early. The sooner you've made that commitment to yourself, the sooner you will enjoy the anticipation of a delightful retreat with calm and kind companions. They are both gems and being in their good company will put a smile in your heart that will last for all time.”

Inspiration at the Shanti Retreat Centre.

As a nod to the important role of mothers in our lives, we’re offering a special Mother’s Day discount on Savour the End of Summer from now until Mother’s Day. Treat your mother by gifting her a week of yoga, writing, nourishing meals, and luxurious unwinding at Shanti, and we’ll discount her registration fee by $50. Contact us for more details