It's a privilege to teach and learn with so many incredible folks around the world.


What I appreciated most about Trevor’s writing workshop was his easy facilitation style. It was gentle, welcoming, informative, and made delving into a personal writing project easy. Strong Recommendation.

—Mary Nicholson
Charlottetown, PEI

Being a participant in two of Trevor's writing workshops this summer provided me with safe and comfortable settings where I could explore whether my desire to write could become a reality. I feel encouraged to continue my writing practice.

—Martha Bennett
Valdasota, Georgia

This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. The venue and facilitation were excellent. I enjoyed the opportunity to reflect. Highly participatory and inclusive.... I highly recommend working with Trevor. He’s a gem.

—Jennifer Jennings
Toronto, ON

Trevor acted as a developmental editor on one of my stories. What struck me most was not just the thoroughness of his critique, his copious notes, but the penetrating insight, the encouragement to go deeper into a piece that I thought, quite mistakenly, I understood.

—Lucian Childs
Toronto, ON

I thoroughly enjoyed the writing portion of our retreat. Trevor’s teaching style is relaxed and encouraging; I was able to trust in the process and make discoveries about myself.

—Sandy Spurgeon
Toronto, ON

Trevor's writing workshops during a retreat on Prince Edward Island were probing, grounded, and, most importantly, awakening...exactly what I needed to get my creative juices flowing.

—Bryan Zerbe
San Francisco, CA 


What I retain from Trevor's writing sessions is the invitation to explore. 

—Preet Shikha
Toronto, ON


I remember so well, your quiet, curious and thoughtful approach...You have a gentle and helpful way of drawing people out and making them feel comfortable enough to search inward. Thank you, Trevor, for offering this unique experience.

—Jeanne Marsh
Toronto, ON