Fiction (Books)

The Electric Boy (novel; forthcoming, Doubleday Canada)

fiction (Anthologies)

"LACEC217863—EZ" in Fables for the 21st Century (Banff Centre Press, 2018)
"Thursday night karaoke" in A Mixtape of Words (Little Fiction, 2017)
"5’9, 135, 6c, br bl" in Friend. Follow. Text. #storiesFromLivingOnline (Enfield & Wizenty, 2013)
"You Were Loved" in Journey Prize Stories 24 (McClelland & Stewart, 2012)


“I Don’t Know When I’ll Be Back” in The New Quarterly (2017)
“Efren’s Place” in The Winnipeg Review (2016)
“Eileen” in Grain (2016)
“A Week in Spain” in On the UP – Union Pearson Express (2015)
“Dar a Luz” in Event (2015)
“Day of the Dead” in Prairie Fire (2015)
“Henrietta” in Prairie Fire (2015)
“Thursday night karaoke” in Little Fiction (2015)
“Coconut Dreams” in This Magazine (2015)
“Getting Run Over While Jaywalking Only Happens to Other People” in PRISM international (2014)
“1987” in The Dalhousie Review (2014)
“Gail is a Punk” in Grain (2014)
“When We Die” in Descant (2014)
“#Fortune Teller” in The Puritan (2014)
Esperanza” in Joyland (2014)
“In Memoriam” in Little Fiction (2013)
“Diagnostic Checklist: A Review of Common Body Fluids in the Case of Casey Cripps” in Little Fiction (2013)
“5’9, 135, 6c, br bl” in Plenitude (2012)
“You Were Loved” in The Malahat Review (2012)
“Sushi for the Homeless” in Grain (2011)
“Are You Still There?” in Prairie Fire (2010)
“Notes Towards a Film About My Childhood” in Prairie Fire (2010)
“Johnson’s Life” in The Antigonish Review (2008)

Non-Fiction (ESSAYS)

1974 in Grain (2017)
Reflections on writing mindfully in Event (2017)
27000 Breaths in Big Truths (2016)
On writing vulnerability in Puritan (2015)
Articles of Faith in PRISM international (2015)
The Moon in Scorpio in Prairie Fire (2013)
Letters to Andersonville in Event (2009)


Will PEI Start a New Green Wave? in Walrus (April, 2019)
The Many Reinventions of Atlantic Canadian Fiction in The Puritan (March, 2018)
Maritime Gothic in Halifax Magazine (January, 2018)
Reconciliation, One Story at a Time in Trek Magazine (December, 2017)
In the Midst of the Journey: Canada C3 as a Metaphor for Canada in Trent Magazine (November, 2017)
Nakkumek, Canada C3! on Pearson College UWC (August, 2017)
Sea expedition gives voice to unwritten stories in Toronto Star (August, 2017)
Trevor Corkum's first hand view of Canada C3 expedition in Toronto Star (August, 2017)
15 books for Canada 150 in Toronto Star (July, 2017)
Toronto's Glad Day bookshop is a beacon for pride in Toronto Star (June, 2017)
Encouraging young voices in difficult times in Toronto Star (February, 2017)

BOOK Reviews

We Are Not Avatars: Essays, Memoirs, Manifestos by John Barton (Hamilton Review of Books)
My Camino by Patrick Warner (Toronto Star)
This Wicked Tongue by Elise Levine (Toronto Star)
You Will Be Safe Here by Damian Barr (Toronto Star)
Late Breaking by KD Miller (Canadian Notes & Queries)
North of Dawn by Nuruddin Farah (Toronto Star)
No Quarter by John Jantunen (Toronto Star)
The Grimoire of Kensington Market by Lauren B. Davis (Toronto Star)
Original Prin by Randy Boyagoda (Toronto Star)
My Name is a Knife by Alix Hawley (Toronto Star)
When We Were Birds by Maria Mutch (Toronto Star)
That Tiny Life by Erin Frances Fisher (Hamilton Review of Books)
Transparent City by Ondjaki (trans. Stephen Henighan) (Toronto Star)
See What Can Be Done by Lorrie Moore (Toronto Star)
The Neighbourhood by Mario Vargas Llosa (Toronto Star)
Building Fires in the Snow by Lucian Childs and Martha Amore (Eds.) (Plenitude)
The Years, Months, Days by Yan Lianke (Toronto Star)
Malagash by Joey Comeau (Globe & Mail)
The Videofag Book by Jordan Tannahill and William Ellis (Toronto Star)
Blood Fable by Oisin Curran (Toronto Star)
Lost in September by Kathleen Winter (Toronto Star)
Strangers With the Same Dream by Alison Pick (Toronto Star)
If, Clara by Martha Baillie (Toronto Star)
What Can You Do? by Cynthia Flood (Toronto Star)
The Burning Ground by Adam O'Riordan (Toronto Star)
Stephen Florida by Gabe Habash (Toronto Star)
Scarborough by Catherine Hernandez (Hamilton Review of Books)
The Last Neanderthal by Claire Cameron (Toronto Star)
Barrelling Forward by Eva Crocker (Toronto Star)
Encircling by Carl Frode Tiller (Toronto Star)
The Dark and Other Love Stories by Deborah Willis (Toronto Star)
MOSHI MOSHI by Banana Yoshimoto (Toronto Star)
Willem DeKooning's Paintbrush by Kerry Lee Powell (The Malahat Review)
The Boy Who Escaped Paradise by J.M. Lee (Toronto Star)
When Nothing Looks Familiar by Shawn Syms (Plenitude)


*All interviews below appear as part of The Chat on 49thShelf, unless otherwise noted.

Jordan Abel (Injun)
Carmen Aguirre (Something Fierce: Memoirs of a Revolutionary Daughter)
André Alexis (Fifteen Dogs)
Karim Alrawi (Book of Sands)
Samuel Archibald (Arvida)
Phyllis Aronoff (Descent into Night)
Jonathan Auxier (Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster)
Oana Avasilichioaei (Readopolis)
Mona Awad (13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl)
Carleigh Baker (Bad Endings)
Gary Barwin (Yiddish for Pirates)
Billy-Ray Belcourt (The World is a Wound)
Kris Bertin (Use Your Imagination!)
Kris Bertin (Bad Things Happen)
Kris Bertin (in The Puritan)
Dionne Brand (The Blue Clerk)
Eva Campbell (Africville)
Paul Carlucci (A Plea for Constant Motion)
Kevin Chong (The Plague)
Michael Christie (If I Fall, If I Die)
Megan Gail Coles (Small Game Hunting at the Local Coward Gun Club)
Christy Ann Conlin (Watermark)
Lucas Crawford (The High Line Scavenger Hunt)
Eva Crocker (in The Puritan)
Michael Crummey (The Innocents)
Nancy Jo Cullen (The Western Alienation Merit Badge)
Rachel Cusk (Outline)
Rachel Cusk (Transit)
Craig Davidson (Saturday Night Ghost Club)
Anthony DeSa (Children of the Moon)
Patrick DeWitt (French Exit)
Cherie Dimaline (The Marrow Thieves)
Farzana Doctor (All Inclusive)
Emma Donoghue (The Wonder)
Éric Dupont (Songs for the Cold of Heart)
Esi Edugyan (Washington Black)
Anne Fleming (The Goat)
Erin Frances Fisher (That Tiny Life)
Nora Gold (in The Winnipeg Review)
Shauntay Grant (Africville)
Daniel Griffin (Two Roads Home)
Brett Josef Grubisic (From Up River and For One Night Only)
Rawi Hage (Beirut Hellfire Society)
Kevin Hardcastle (In the Cage)
Michael Harris (Solitude)
Richard Harrison (On Not Losing My Father's Ashes in the Flood)
Teva Harrison (In-Between Days)
Steven Heighton (The Waking Comes Late)
Sarah Henstra (The Red Word)
Catherine Hernandez (Scarborough)
Sheila Heti (Motherhood)
Joel Thomas Hynes (We'll All Be Burnt In Our Beds Some Night)
Djamila Ibrahim (Things Are Good Now)
Aisha Sasha John (I have to live)
Harold R. Johnson (Clifford)
Amy Jones (We're All in This Together)
Amy Jones (in The Puritan)
Eve Joseph (Quarrels)
Hiro Kanagawa (Indian Arm)
Chelene Knight (Dear Current Occupant)
Joy Kogawa (Gently to Nagasaki)
Jon-Erik Lappano and Kellen Hatanaka (Tokyo Digs a Garden)
Martine Leavitt (Calvin)
Lazer Lederhendler (The Party Wall)
Jen Sookfong Lee (The Conjoined)
Catherine Leroux (The Party Wall)
Alex Leslie (We All Need to Eat)
Ashley Little (Niagara Motel)
Thea Lim (An Ocean of Minutes)
John Lorinc, Rahim Thawer, and Jane Farrow (Any Other Way: How Toronto Got Queer)
Canisia Lubrin (Voodoo Hypothesis)
Donato Mancini (Same Diff)
Derek Mascarenhas (Coconut Dreams)
Elan Mastai (All Our Wrong Todays)
Darrel J. McLeod (Mamaskatch: A Cree Coming of Age)
Lisa Moore (Flannery)
Rhonda Mullins (Twenty-One Cardinals)
Pamela Mulloy (The Deserters)
Colleen Murphy (Pig Girl)
Lori McNulty (Life on Mars)
Pamela Mordecai (Red Jacket)
Téa Mutonji (Shut Up You’re Pretty)
Hoa Nguyen (Violet Energy Ingots)
Cecily Nicholson (Wayside Sang)
Grace O'Connell (Be Ready for the Lightning)
Ed O'Loughlin (Minds of Winter)
Heather O'Neill (Daydreams of Angels)
Kathy Page (Dear Evelyn)
Kathy Page (in The Malahat Review)
Kevin Patterson (News from the Red Desert)
Zoey Leigh Peterson (Next Year, For Sure)
Caroline Pignat (The Gospel Truth)
Kerry Lee Powell (in The Puritan)
Ahmad Danny Ramadan (The Clothesline Swing)
Michael Redhill (Bellevue Square)
Jael Ealey Richardson (The Stone Thrower)
Sandra Ridley (Silvija)
David Alexander Roberston and Julie Flett (When We Were Alone)
Eden Robinson (Son of a Trickster)
Damian Rogers (Dear Leader)
Naben Ruthnum (Curry: Eating, Reading and Race)
Robyn Sarah (My Shoes Are Killing Me)
Anakana Schofield (Martin John)
Gregory Scofield (Witness, I Am)
Howard Scott (Descent Into Night)
Vivek Shraya (even this page is white)
Nilofar Shidmehr (Divided Loyalties)
Karen Solie (The Road In Is Not the Same Road Out)
Michael V. Smith (Bad Ideas)
Sydney Smith and JonArno Lawson (Sidewalk Flowers)
Claire Tacon (In Search of the Perfect Singing Flamingo)
Tanya Talaga (Seven Fallen Feathers)
Jordan Tannahill (Botticelli in the Fire & Sunday in Sodom)
Jordan Tannahill (Liminal)
Jess Taylor (Pauls)
Timothy Taylor (The Rule of Stephens)
Madeleine Thien (Do Not Say We Have Nothing)
Kelly S. Thompson (Girls Need Not Apply: Field Notes from the Forces)
Sarah Tolmie (The Art of Dying)
Guy Vanderhaeghe (Daddy Lenin and Other Stories)
Katherena Vermette (The Break)
Bill Waiser (A World We Have Lost: Saskatchewan Before 1905)
Betsy Warland (Oscar of Between)
Shannon Webb-Campbell (I am a Body of Land)
Jessica Westhead (Things Not to Do)
Joshua Whitehead (Jonny Appleseed)
Zoe Whittall (The Best Kind of People)
Ian Williams (Reproduction)
Mark L. Winston (Bee Time: Lessons from the Hive)
Michelle Winters (I Am a Truck)
Graeme Wood (The Way of Strangers: Encounters with the Islamic State)
David Yee (carried away on the crest of a wave)
Daniel Zomparelli (in The Winnipeg Review)