"Friends make the adventure so much better"


The Case for Retreating with folks you know 

The only thing better than giving yourself permission to luxuriate in a retreat experience is sharing that experience with friends. Just ask Keith Barlett. Along with pals Robert Gignac and Lindsey Rusche, he’s a veteran of a number of Yoga with Joshua retreats, the most recent at last November’s nurturing Rest and Reconnect restorative weekend.

A veteran yogi and long-time Yoga with Joshua student, Keith’s had the unique experience of attending retreats with a single friend, with several friends, and solo. 

“None were disappointing. However as with most things, friends made the adventure so much better. The alchemy which Joshua and Trevor manifest a space for exploration and reflection is unparalleled. To share this with friends expanded and heightened its nature.”

While sometimes the retreat experience is all about venturing outside of your comfort zone, making new acquaintance with like-minded others, or simply indulging in some quiet solo time, deepening friendships in the intentional community inspired by retreat space can be rewarding.

Keith says that Shanti is a particularly extraordinary place to retreat with others. In addition to yoga, the legendary Shanti menu was definitely one of the highlights. 

“Delicious meals were carefully prepared for us which enriched our bellies and spirits as we met new people. The conversation expanded as we learned of new things and places yet visited.” 

While the magic of Shanti—with its gorgeous lakefront location and cozy, intimate accommodation—appeals to groups of friends and family, those who join us solo to deepen their practice needn’t worry about connecting with others. 

As Keith says, “At the conclusion of each retreat I have left with more friends than I arrived with, more focus for where I need to make adjustments within my life, memories that I would not trade and recipes that I want to try to replicate. And always plans to return, and to bring more friends.”


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